What is ERMS?

Electronic request management system

ERMS is a mature electronic request management system that is proven in New Zealand and codesigned with clinicians.

It provides end to end referral capability from clinician to referral and back again.

ERMS’ creators have a track record of working in partnership with health providers and delivering on promises.

PMS integration

ERMS maintains integrations into the most common PMS used in primary care as well integration for allied health providers and Concerto via the ERMS gateway.

  • MedTech 32
  • Medtech Evolution
  • Indici
  • My Practice
  • Profile for Mac
  • Profile for Windows

Within allied health, this includes

  • Expect
  • Noted planned for 2022

Many allied health providers simply use ERMS Online outside of a PMS.

Health Pathways

Key to ERMS’ success has also been its tight integration with, and the ability to have clinical guidance available through HealthPathways. Snippets of guidance can also be customised within a referral form for each region.

Electronic message delivery

In order to fulfil a referral request, ERMS has an electronic message delivery service which supports a large number of integrations with allied health and secondary care providers.

These secondary care integrations include:

  • Clinical Referrals (Concerto)
  • HCS-RMS1
  • Pacific Radiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Strata PRISM

For allied health providers, ERMS also has the following integrations:

  • Elixir
  • Genie
  • Gensolve
  • Patient Focus
  • SPM
  • Toniq

ERMS also has an integration with the MoH Notifiable Disease system ‘EpiSurv’ as well as email and bespoke integration capabilities.